Trading Pairs
You can see additional details under for each pair available on FlatQube.
Here you can see a list of all the available pairs, what is their volume over last 24h and 7d, as well as the TVL of each pair (Total value locked).
When you select a pair, for example WEVER/USDT, you will be able to see the following interface. - Value of 1 WEVER in USDT - Value of 1 USDT in WEVER - Total amount of tokens locked in the pool - TVL for this pair - 24h Trading Volume - Amount of fees earned over last 24h Each of the tab will display a different chart: - WEVER/USDT and USDT/WEVER will display the price chart - Volume will display the trading volume on this trading pair over time - Liquidity will display the liquidity of this trading pair over time
Further down you can see a list of all the transactions related to this pair. You can filter them and display only the following: - Swaps: those are any swap transactions, where users trade WEVER for USDT and vice versa - Adds: those are transactions adding liquidity to the pool - Removes: those are transactions removing liquidity from the pool
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