EVER Wallet
Getting started with EVER wallet
To get started, install the EVER Wallet here!
You will have two options once you have install the extension: 1. Create a new wallet 2. Import an existing wallet using your seed phrase

How to create a new wallet

1. Start by selecting the option "Create a new wallet"
2. Read and accept the decentralization policy
3. Select the type of wallet you wish to create
4. Save the seed phrase displayed once you have selected your type of wallet!
5. Enter the correct words from the seed phrase on the next screen
6. Create a password and sign into your wallet
7. Congratulations you created your wallet!
So, we already have a wallet, and now it's time to get EVER to deploy it and start interacting with Everscale!

How to sing in with seed phrase

  1. 1.
    Just select "Sing in with seed phrase"
2. Choose the appropriate wallet type
3. Enter your seed phrase
4. Create a password and sign into your wallet
5. Done!