Most Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take usually for a transaction to be processed through the bridge?
Usually it takes about 1 min to sign the relays if the transaction is from ETH to TON, then by this time the confirmation of several blocks on ETH is done. Based on the logs, if the last output is of USDT from TON to ETH, the relays have already been signed
Something was debited from the wallet that I had to sign. I had to update the page manually, then the broadcast appeared and it worked. Before I did not know the status of my transactions.
You can find all your transfers through the bridge using the search section, if for some reason the page has not been automatically updated. Also, the last three transfers will be shown under the form on the website. The search takes quite a lot of time (10 seconds) if there are more than 1000 transactions on your wallet, since it is not known in advance which of them belong to the bridge and you have to check all of them
Last modified 1yr ago
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